Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Celtics Game

We took Ellie, Zack and Carter to the Celtics game the other day.  It was so much fun.  Zack was very focused on the game the whole time, Carter was a little slap happy because he was so tired, and Ellie was pretty happy with the caramel popcorn.  Zack was trying not to smile the whole time so he wouldn't mess up his face paint.  It is fun to have kids old enough to do things like this.  

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been waiting for two years for Audrey to grow hair.  Very, very slowly it is growing.  We tried pigtails to match her new doll, Daisy.  She was very excited and looked so much older!

Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year!!  It has become a tradition in Whitney's family to have a New Years party with the kids.  The party includes crazy glasses, games, goody bags, decorations, and when the clock strikes midnight (really about 7:15) the kids got to jump in a room full of balloons.  It is lots of fun and the kids are plenty crazy.  

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We spent two days at the Great Wolf Lodge.  84 degrees at all times, water slides, wave pool, tons of fun!!

Fun with the cousins

It was so much fun to play with the cousins for two weeks.  The kids had a great time and the Texas weather was a great break from the snow!

Christmas 2008

Merry (late) Christmas!!  We had our first Christmas morning at home.  It was great.  The kids had fun and it was nice to sent our own traditions.  That afternoon we headed to Texas to see Whitney's family.  It was the perfect mix of doing our own thing and still spending time with family.  

Waiting to see what Santa brought...

Opening presents

Opening presents...